Walking Model Animation:
Loading Models...

This test shows that models may be animated by switching the model file once per tick. If no models appear, or the animation flashes, the models have not finished loading. There are 16 model files, each about 210KB, plus 2 texture files, 150KB and 50KB, for a total of 3.56MB of files. Google Earth was not designed with gaming in mind. Maybe there could be built a second Google Earth platform expressly for that purpose.

Walk Forward: Up Arrow
Stop Walking: Down Arrow
Turn Left: Left Arrow
Turn Right: Right Arrow
Front / Rear View F
Stop / Start Camera: K
Teleport to Mouse Click Location: T
Model Scale Increase: V
Model Scale Decrease: B
Camera Distance Increase: D
Camera Distance Decrease: S
Camera Height Increase: U
Camera Height Decrease: I