Welcome to Zeptoblaster!
(Use keys a,w,s,d, and f to shoot)Car 1 Score: 0
(Use the arrow keys or o,k,l,semicolon, and double quote to shoot)Car 2 Score: 0
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This site only works in google chrome. Also, if you don't see the 2 milk trucks or they don't shoot blasters, just refresh the page a few times and it should work for you. In severe cases you may have to clear your browser's cache though and terminate any existing geplugin.exe processes running.
Customize Keys

Click the button for the action you want to change, then press the key on the keyboard you want for this action.

Choose custom keys for Player 1
Choose custom keys for Player 2
In order to play this game your browser will need the google earth plugin installed.

This game brought to you by John Aldridge.